Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23

Wow, Wow, wow, I finished. This was a great leaning experience and I hope that I can keep up with postings. Let's set a goal of once a month.

Week 9 Thing 22

I personally do not care for audiobooks. Since I have BCPL dial-up internet access, I would not use this system at all. I do not know the popularity of e-books. Is there a poll somewhere?

Week 9 Thing 21

Wow, did I miss something, no google podcast? Anywhoo, I love podcast. I like the idea of online instruction/lessons. Depending on the quality of the podcast, instructional podcast could possible replace the need for libraries to purchase as many DVDs. Libraries could possibly highlight this service to customers for items that are not in high demand but may be available via podcast. I also find it useful for listening to missed sermons.

Week 9 Thing 20

Check out 2 of my favorite youtube videos.

Week 8 Thing 19

I navigated through Web 2.0 Awards. This site has so much information. Okay, I am advocating that we all just quit our jobs or have our job descriptions change so that we can spend our work hours navigating the world wide web.

Week 8 Thing 18

I love this concept of online productivity web-based applications. How many times have you saved something to your hard drive or flash drive and for whatever reason it is lost? Being able to access all your data from an email account is great! I can definitely see the challenge to Microsoft. Maybe Bill Gates could buyout Google.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 7 Thing 17

Navigating Sandbox was akin to playing twister with a group of deathrow immates. Not exactly what I would call a fun time.